Tuesday, November 15, 2016


And here it awaits
lying in a frenzied silence
as you approach it
with your mystic glance
look up and tell who you are.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Image result for cersei light of the seven
Kings and Queens shall burn to ground
in their fire shall I dissolve my wound
with septons and maesters and naked me
atoning in the street of shame shall I be

The ground shall spark in a blitz below
Thunder shall rise and earth shall glow
For lighting up my whole world again
darkened in the sept of my dead children

Gods of the seven shall endure my fire
As my son sleeps in the burning pyre
As I rise again as the queen to reign
All shall endure and all shall wane

All shall sing to my glory and fame
or burn to death in my wild flame
A Mountain stands under my crown
and together shall we burn this town! 

Monday, June 27, 2016


Ruins and ashes left behind the storm
Follow the cracked walls of my dorm
Burning my spirit and mocking my form
As I smile at them in an unusual norm

The fire rises through my burning soul
Tearing my body, consuming me whole
The ruins of my body and my spirit fall
As my smile fades, and the ashes roll

In ruins and in ashes, a light sparks
As it consumes the fire the death harps
And gives a life to my fallen corpse
As the phoenix rises below the stars

As I awake again, and take a breath
and follow ahead on an endless path
The fire burns and sheds its wrath
As it makes life, as it makes death

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Domes of light, falling apart from this sky
rises up in the heavens, the gods glorify
In the drenched town, we live in fear
its red river, soaking wet with tear

A day away, the night awakes in ruins
tiny glittering stars and dark coffins
Shining red river chimes in shivers
the town mourns slow in whispers

And the black day prepares, waits
the gods and the town in its ruins
Lights killed and exiled from heavens
the glory fades and the town awakes

A fire rises, and the red river shines
the town relieves from the chains
Chains of heavens and gods and glory
chains of freedom fading in a story.