Sunday, December 8, 2013


I shout beyond the growing chaos
I reach out from the wretched tides
I spread my hands across the drowning waves
I am stuck against war of the worlds

Who am I, unknown, unsung, unheard,
unprecedented, unrecognised, unidentified.
A grain within the infinite sands of time
A whisper amongst the loudest chime

They tear us over their whip and canon
as tearing the wings of a falling swan.
She re-breaths life and struggles free
to bring new life to their fallen spree.

We take them down like corpse in a war
and show them their doom in their power
We shine back now as the fallen stars
having saved us from the autocrats, monarchs.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The world mirrors me in darkness and light,
glowing across the inevitable time and tide.
Flowing out of my chaotic attire,
I see you across my dreams and desire.

I look at your shadow through time,
wondrous, illustrious, and shining bright,
over a plain blue lake so divine,
a ripple across it makes me fright.

It starts to kill you as it kills me,
to make a contact with your beautiful waters.
For ripples would form a wave that drowns me,
and dissolve your shadow that shines across.

So, I stand in silence watching over you,
like a silent hill gazing at the lake in its lap,
for your waters may shine bright as blue,
while you strike your gaze at the distant map.